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Support your city and your legal rights

Cities and towns need leaders to operate — if you are one of these leaders, you need exceptional legal representation to guide and support growth and improvement efforts.

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Be a part of your city's growth

Municipal law is focused on the betterment, advancement, and growth of cities and towns. These communities are not designed to run themselves. Rather, they are guided and run by leaders who are focused on making those communities the best they can be.

Behind these leaders should be strong legal counsel to support their efforts and assist them in making sure their city or town is always improving. It is critical that this attorney is knowledgeable about the often complex laws governing zoning, policies and ordinances.
Dominick M. Manco is the right choice for any municipal matter you're facing.

Trust us to defend your interests and the interests of the community

You can put your confidence in us whether you're trying to grow and improve your city or protect it from the efforts of someone else.

Dominick M. Manco has experience in the following areas:

  • Land use applications
  • Land use disputes
  • Zoning issues
  • Water and sewer regulations
  • Eminent domain law

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