Appeal your Social Security application

Social Security benefits are designed to make life more comfortable when you retire and/or are no longer able to earn a livable income — let us help you pursue these benefits.

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If your application has been denied, you are not alone

Receiving Social Security benefits can help you cover your living expenses when you're not capable of maintaining a regular, livable income. These benefits provide monthly financial support you can rely on to cover your daily needs.

Unfortunately, the application process for receiving these benefits can be confusing, frustrating, and complicated. Many people who apply for benefits are denied. Some people apply several times and are denied each time.
One way to help make your application efforts more powerful is to have the guidance and knowledge of an attorney beside you. The law permits you to have an attorney help you prepare your application — let Dominick M. Manco help guide you through the process to get the benefits you seek.

Put your confidence in us so we can help you through the process

If your Social Security benefits application has been denied, do not lose hope. You can file an appeal and still have a chance at receiving your benefits.

We can help you:
  • Understand the application
  • Answer the questions effectively
  • Understand the evidence you need to provide
  • Source and gather the evidence to support your application

Contact us today to start preparing your Social Security appeal.


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